Poly Director offers N$30,000 for adultery


By Marianne Nghidengwa

DEPUTY Director of Engi­neering at the Polytechnic of Namibia, Bernard Siep­ker, has offered a whooping N$30 100 for wrecking a marriage be­tween Michael and Susanne Jaspert, a couple that has been married since 1993 and have two children.
Divorce documents filed at the Windhoek High Court in which Michael is the plaintiff and Susanne the defendant, Susanne admitted to befriending Siepker and turning to him for emotional support when her husband allegedly left her emo­tionally destitute.
“Since June 2010, the defendant has committed adultery with Siep­ker on diverse occasions and places up to date,” court documents read.
Susanne, a State Agent further accused Michael, a Management Consultant, of eliciting unneces­sary quarrels with her; showing no serious intention to continue with their marriage; showing no love and respect; locking her out of the com­mon house and throwing her per­sonal belongings through the win­dows; psychologically and sexually denigrated her and interfering with her discipline of the children thus undermining her authority.
Meanwhile, in a separate case be­tween Michael (plaintiff) and Siep­ker (defendant), Siepker admitted that he was aware of the couple’s marriage.
“Siepker pleads that he and Su­sanne only entered into an adulter­ous relationship after Susanne indi­cated that her marital relationship with Michael has broken down ir­retrievably”.
Approached for comment, Siep­ker who initially refused to identify himself when this reporter briefed him about the call, said “I cannot talk to you,” before he rudely hang up the phone.
The couple, who are joint owners in equal shares of Aquarius Invest­ments 135 CC and several other properties, have since battled out their marriage woes in court fight­ing for their properties and custody of their two children, aged 16 and 14.
“As a result of the plaintiff ’s con­duct, further cohabitation with him (Michael) became intolerable and unbearable as a result of which the defendant (Susanne) left the com­mon home on August 20, 2011”.
Court documents state that the relations between the couple has be­come strained to such an extent that it is no longer possible to continue with the co-ownership.
In her counterclaim, Susanne was asking the court to order her hus­band for N$6000 as maintenance for each child per month with an annual escalation of 5% as well as paying all medical and educational costs of the children.
Acting Justice Miller on January 31, 2013, dissolved the bonds of the marriage and gave both parties joint custody of the minor child.
Michael was also ordered to pay Susanne N$2 600 000 (Two Million Six Hundred Thousand) as shares of their joint properties. Susanne, as ordered by the court, is made the sole and exclusive owner of a Toyota Yaris vehicle. “The plaintiff shall sign all documents to have the said vehicle registered in the defendant’s name. All costs related to such reg­istration with NATIS shall be borne by the defendant”.
Susanne upon approach by the Confidente said: “That has nothing to do with me. I cannot comment because I’d make myself guilty of something that is maybe not true”.