Civil servants re-grading to start April


By Confidénte Reporter

THE much-anticipated re-grading of civil servants that will see Government employees being paid according to their work load and not job titles is set to commence next month, Secre­tary to Cabinet Frans Kapofi has said.
Kapofi said the government had agreed with trade unions to start the implementation of the re-grading or realignment of civil servants that will on completion will result in government workers being paid according to the amount of work they do each month.
“We have agreed that the month of April is the start of the imple­mentation of the re-grading of civil servants,” Kapofi said.
Although Kapofi refused to give a definitive figure of the number of civil servants to be re-graded, he said the exercise was going to cost government millions of dollars.
“It’s quite an expensive exercise. I do not have figures but it’s not a cheap exercise. This exercise also won’t always be milk and honey for some civil servants as they could be disadvantaged. People are going to be paid according to their work load,” Kapofi said.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Defence, Nahas Angula has expressed hope that the re-grading of civil servants will most likely leave the ma­jority of the Ministry’s employees better off.
“We hope that after the re-grading process, a majority of our per­sonnel will be left better off in that now they will be paid according to the load of work they do,” Angula said.
Last year, teachers went on strike demanding a 40 percent salary increment that the Government rejected claiming it had no money.
The Government awarded civil servants an eight percent salary increment, which the civil servants initially rejected but later gave in to accept the government’s offer.
The Government said it would spend N$1,4 billion implementing the salary increases and other benefits for civil servants. This included a 100 percent transport allowance increases for those below manage­ment level and transport allowance increases of between 8% and 15% for the management cadres.
Further salary increments for civil servants are expected during the 2014/2015 financial year where they are set to get a 10% increment.