The Dynamic Waka


By Ndapewoshali Shapwanale

The vibrant hyped up per­former, Waka has made it big on the Namibian scene. The performer is known for always making sure he satisfies his fans with every song and performance he delivers.

Waka had a chat with Confidénte and shared his musical journey.

Confidénte: What is your Name?

Waka: Erastus Josef.

Confidénte: What genre do you do?

Waka: Well, I started off as a Kwaito artist but I soon ventured into Afro-pop and RAP which I am doing now.

Confidénte: When did your music career start?

Waka: I started doing music way back in High School but my first official single, titled ‘Yuunyuni’ featuring Newton, was dropped in late September 2011 only.

Confidénte: How did it feel having your first single out?

Waka: The feeling was good, it encouraged me to work on my first album which I dropped in mid-November 2011.

Confidénte: How did the nation receive your album?

Waka: With my first single, ‘Yuu­nyuni’ being so popular my album received massive airplay. Although it received massive airplay the al­bum sales were very slow in the beginning but soon picked up. The album is sold out but people are still asking for albums.

Confidénte: What are the popular songs on the album?

Waka: The most popular songs on the album are ‘Yuunyuni’, ‘Monda­bo’, and ‘Musuverua’ featuring Upambians. ‘Yuunyuni’ is famous because I am talking about every­day reality issues, the song is talk­ing about a parent who gets paid and uses all the money for alcohol, as soon as he gets home he beats his wife and does not have anything to eat for the children.

Musuverua, on the other hand, talks about passion killing with the song carry­ing a message that there is no worth in killing.

Confidénte: Have you won any awards with the first al­bum?

Waka: Yes. I entered a track titled Mondabo, in the 2012 Namibia Annual Music Awards in the Soukous/Kwasa Kwasa category. I walked away with the award. Winning the award for the best Soukous/Kwasa Kwasa really showed that people appreciate.

Confidénte: Who have you worked with and who do you want to work with in the future?

Waka: I have worked with New­ton, Mekox, Upambians and Kan­yax from the Oviritje group, Bullet. I have also worked with producers such as Capro, Sam-E Lee Jones, Pimp and Arafat. Now that I am established in the industry I aspire to work with more artists.

Confidénte: Why did you choose to record with Omlilo Records?

Waka: I have been with Om­lilo Records since it was a baby so there was no sense in joining any other record label.

Confidénte: What stumbling blocks did you face working on the first album?

Waka: Working on the first album I only got financial support from my record label, Omlilo Records. I wanted to work with bigger art­ists but was restricted because the more established artists were not too keen to work with upcoming artists and those who did consider were not very affordable.

Confidénte: Are you working on a new album?

Waka: Yes. Fans have been asking for new material and that encour­aged me to work on the second album. I cannot reveal too much about the album now because it is a surprise. All I can say is listeners can look forward to a bigger and better album.

Confidénte: How important is the business aspect of entertainment to you?

Waka: The business aspect is very important because I can make money from album sales and branded merchandise.

Confidénte: Where do you see your music in five years?

Waka: Five years from now, I want to push my music to an in­ternational level with my videos playing on Channel O and MTV Base. I also want to feature big in­ternational artists from the rest of Africa.

Confidénte: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Waka: Yes. Keep on supporting, I do music because of you, my fans. I am working hard and you can expect nothing but the best from the second album. Expect a proper album coming out.